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We offer various specialized Test Management services, which include Manual Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, and Security Testing. We also offer best software testing practices and procedures, including Agile methodology, and could help you define them for your organization.

Manual Testing

We offer state-of-the-art testing practices, which involves every phase of the software development process, keeping in mind the current agile environment and practices followed across industry. Our expertise is in traditional functional, regression and system testing practices as well as exploratory testing techniques, which would fit all your needs.


Test Automation

Test automation is critical for environments that follow continuous integration and continuous deployment practices. It is essential for applications that have very aggressive development cycles and have lots of inter-connected process workflows.

From testing tool selection to test environment development, test automation requires special skills that only comes from years of experience. And we here at UprisingHub have a very experienced team which would take care of all your test automation needs.

Performance Testing

UprisingHub provides complete suite of application Performance Testing Services aimed at helping you test the limits of your applications. We help businesses ranging from Startups to Enterprises measure their cloud and web performance, and provide various statistics at every layer to identify the areas where performance is lacking.


Security Testing

We understand how critical security is to businesses today. Security Testing requires special treatment and approaches. Our security testing practices covers a wide range of security tests which would help you uncover the vulnerabilities in your applications. Security Testing requires special treatment and approaches. We cover functional Security tests such as authentication and password generation, as well as Specific non-functional tests against known weaknesses, Security scanning of the application and infrastructure, and Security testing application logic. Our automation security testing capabilities also cover any possible outbreak or mass attack.


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