IT won’t be a bottleneck anymore

Continuous Delivery

We create your build pipelines and workflow integration so that your teams are focused on your business. We can stand up your complete build and deployment pipelines that are secure, agile, responsive and scalable.

Docker and Containerization

Creation of Docker images with all your app dependencies and code. These images are secure, immutable, platform agnostic. We can deploy your containerized workloads on different orchestration platforms like Amazon ECS, Kubernetes or Google Container Engine(GKE).

Configuration Management

Our IT Engineers leverage on configuration management tools like Chef and Ansible for configuration of your operating system and application stack, log configuration and monitoring , vulnerability management, in a secure and scalable way.

Site Reliability

Our SRE team is responsible for latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning based on your high availability and scalability requirements. We can kickoff the engagement process also called production readiness review (PRR) and understand your SLAs/SLOs to ensure that your site reliability goals are met. Common SRE related concerns which are addressed include:


  • Instrumentation and Metrics
  • Request Logging
  • Traffic and Load Management

Boost Your DevOps Workflows

Business agility

Become more responsive to the changing needs of your business. Thanks to cloud migration, you’ll be more agile and flexible, able to confidently embrace new challenges.


Ensure optimal performance of your servers and applications by identifying the most demanding processes and components of your infrastructure and fine tuning them. Thanks to the cloud capabilities.

Cost Efficiency

A good cloud platform design allows you to do more with less, paying only for what you really need at any given moment.


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