Cloud Migration

An easy, fast and effective way to move your business to the cloud

We design, deploy and 24/7 manage the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs. We take responsibility of the migration of your business critical applications to a cloud environment, focusing on scalability and performance while optimizing costs.

Cloud Stages of Adoption

The path to cloud adoption is unique for every enterprise. The stages of adoption described here can be a useful way to understand some of the steps involved.


A customer’s journey to the cloud typically involves these four phases:


In the project phase, you are running projects to get familiar and experience benefits from the cloud.


After experiencing the benefits of cloud, you then build the foundation to scale your cloud adoption. This includes creating a landing zone (a pre-configured, secure, multi-account AWS environment), Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), operations model, as well as assuring security and compliance readiness.


In this stage, you migrate existing applications including mission-critical applications or entire data centers to the cloud, as you scale your adoption across a growing portion of your IT portfolio.

You’ll improve in

Business agility

Become more responsive to the changing needs of your business. Thanks to Cloud Migration, you’ll be more agile and flexible, able to confidently embrace new challenges.


Ensure optimal performance of your servers and applications by identifying the most demanding processes and components of your infrastructure and fine tuning them thanks to the cloud capabilities.

Cost Efficiency

A good cloud platform design allows you to do more with less, paying only for what you really need at any given moment.

Systems Reliability

Everything keeps up and running smoothly while we take care of the continuous improvement of your infrastructure and the 24×7 systems operations


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